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Root, CWM, and CyanogenMOD a Samsung Galaxy Tab: GT P1000

I was looking all over the internet to find the best way to upgrade or mod-ify a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Though this tablet was released in the year 2010, it was still hard to find the best way to upgrade to CyanogenMod or to any other ROM. As anyone will experience with this tablet, the stock ROM by Samsung on this device is only up until Android 2.3.6 , which is a little bit limited in user experience, and looks outdated for 2012.

Samsung uses the same product naming system on all its Galaxy Tablets. Also, the way the tablets are upgraded are different upon each generation. That makes it hard for beginners to search for the right steps to upgrade and increases the likelihood of uploading the wrong firmware. Thus rendering the tablet unusable but as a paperweight which no one wants to happen.

Image of a Samsung Galaxy Tablet P1000 Image by Samsung

Open Tutorial
The best way to find information about the Samsung Galaxy Tab is to search for its model name GT P1000.

Facts about the tablet I bricked *lol*:

  • It had a stock firmware version 2.2 Android Froyo
  • Device is not rooted
  • This is the GSM variant of the Galaxy Tab P1000
  • All done in Windows 8; but you can do it in Linux too
  • Samsung Kies should be installed on the computer

After searching I found out a couple of things that did not work with the device I used:

  • Odin does not detect it (I tried almost everything to make it work)
  • Mobile Odin bricked the tablet
  • Never upgrade the kernel that is designed for another firmware version
Before beginning the process of upgrading Galaxy Tab, please read basic things to know before breaking it, so be careful lol.

Download all of the following applications and files:

And now for the steps:

Steps on how to root the tablet:

I suggest only to use SuperOneClick to root the tablet. It works really well.
  1. Turn on the tablet and enable USB debugging under the applications settings of the device.
  2. Connect the tablet via USB to a computer.
  3. Unpack the downloaded SuperOneClick zip file and run  SuperOneClick.exe as administrator.
  4. Click on Shell Root and wait for the process to finish.
  5. Now click on Root. That is the first button.
  6. You now have a rooted device and you can now run any app you want.

Steps on how to update the firmware to stock requirement:

I tried using Technomancer's kernel but it caused the tablet to be stuck at boot. Also, be sure to only use Heimdall to upload the kernel file to your device. Check that the version of Heimdall is compatible with the device; the information is found at the Heimdall website.

 I used version 1.3.1 for this tutorial.

Statement from Heimdall website that version 1.3.2 breaks some compatibility Snippet from Heimdall

  1. Power off the tablet. Detach it from the computer if it is connected to one. 
  2. Press both power and volume down buttons together and quickly connect the tablet to the computer. Be sure to keep pressing the buttons mentioned.
  3. The download screen will appear
  4. Unpack the Heimdall zip file and look for zadig,exe in the drivers folder. 
  5. Then run zadig.exe as admin. Click List all devices from the Options menu 
  6. Select "Samsung USB Composite Device" or "Gadget Serial" and click on Install or Reinstall if available. Wait for the installation to finish and confirm if necessary.
  7. Unpack the stock firmware zip file. Click on the tar file. Unpack that and copy all the files in it, e.g. boot.bin, cache .rfs, etc., to the Heimdall folder/directory.
  8. Now launch the Command Prompt as administrator and type the codes:
  9. cd c:/"directory of Heimdall files"/        ---------------copy the address from file explorer
    heimdall flash --primary-boot boot.bin --cache cache.rfs --dbdata dbdata.rfs --factoryfs factoryfs.rfs  --modem modem.bin --param param.lfs --secondary-boot Sbl.bin --kernel zImage --verbose
  10. Do not close the Command Prompt.
  11. Wait for the upload to finish and the tablet will reboot. Be patient to wait for boot to finish.

Steps on how to update the kernel to Overcome kernel v4.0.0 and install CWM Recovery at the same time:

It is important that before upgrading the kernel the current firmware of the tablet must be 2.3
  1. Power off the tablet. Detach it from the computer if it is connected to one. 
  2. Press both power and volume down buttons together and quickly connect the tablet to the computer. Be sure to keep pressing the buttons mentioned.
  3. The download screen will appear
  4. Unpack the Overcome_Kernel_v4.0.0.tar file. Copy the zImage file to the Heimdall directory and overwrite the existing file there.
  5. Now open the Command Prompt and type the code:
  6. heimdall flash --kernel zImage --verbose
  7. The tablet will reboot after the upload and do not panic, it will take maybe about 10 minutes for the update to take place. After which it is now possible to update the firmware to any custom ROM. For this tutorial, the update will be CyanogenMOD 9 firmware.

Steps on how to flash CyanogenMOD 9:

  1. Boot the tablet and connect it to a computer via USB. Mount the Android storage.
  2. Copy or move the CyanogenMOD and the Google Apps zip files to the device's internal memory (SD). Remember the location or directory.
  3. Disconnect the tablet from the computer and power it off. It is important that you have enough battery and do not connect the tablet to the charger while updating as it will cause problems.
  4. Power on the tablet by pressing the power button and volume up button at the same time. Then wait until ClockworkMod Recovery appears. Now navigate it by pressing on the volume keys and confirm a selection by touching the search button.
  5. Select "Wipe data / Factory Reset"
  6. Select "Wipe cache partition"
  7. Select "Install zip from sdcard"
  8. Select "Choose zip from sdcard"
  9. Look for the CyanogenMOD zip file and select it. Then, select "yes" from the options. The CyanogenMOD will now install and after that look for the Google Apps zip file and select it and install.
  10. Select "Go back" until the reboot option is seen and select it. Be proud of your CyanogenMOD.
Video of CyanogenMod 9 loading screen

After all that, it is now possible to customize the tablet and restore data from the backups previously done. I will make the steps for backing up in the future. Enjoy the Ice Cream Sandwich.


  1. I got

    ERROR: Failed to confirm end of file transfer sequence!
    KERNEL upload failed!
    Ending session...

    1. you have a bad connection. you might as well try uploading the firmware to the device again. you can do it several times until it completes.

  2. Hey, my model name is P1000i. Will this technique work on it?

    1. if it is a GSM version, yes it will. The only problem i can think if it won't work is if its CDMA which has a different firmware. Just to be sure have the original firmware ready just in case. Try it.

    2. How do I figure out if it's GSM or CDMA? There doesn't seem to be any indicator! :[

    3. Should I be doing the Heimdall step? Initially my tab had Froyo, and its model number was P1000i, but after doing this ( I have stock Gingerbread and the model number is now P1000.

    4. Yes you have to do the Heimdall step ast it will upload a different kernel.I think the 'i' was for india... GSM is for phones with sim. Fire away then with cyanogenmod :) enjoy tinkering

    5. I'm just afraid that I'll brick my device. :(

      Your method won't brick it, right? If anything goes wrong, I can just reflash the original rom, right?

    6. no it won't brick it. yes just have the original rom ready. :)

    7. Okay, cool! I'll do it tomorrow (or day after), and update! Thanks! :)

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    1. Although, it would be nice if I could move the status bar UP instead of it being down. :|

  4. If anybody's reading this, to move the status bar from bottom to top, use a density changer app to change the density up to 240.
    Once again, thanks Johnnel! :D